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Aarvig & Associates, APC defends its clients in all aspects of civil litigation matters. 


The firm’s practice includes defending claims of dangerous condition of public property, vehicular accidents involving public employees, road condition claims, and civil rights violations.  The firm endeavors to find means to resolve cases efficiently with an eye towards preventing the waste of public resources.  The firm aggressively challenges claims by invoking the many immunities and privileges to which its clients often benefit and has the experience to eliminate frivolous claims at early stages to avoid putting its clients through the time and expense of advanced-level litigation.  The firm consistently fights to obtain the sanctions available to compensate its clients subjected to such claims.


The firm’s practice includes defending personal injury claims arising out of incidents at school.  Prominent in the firm’s practice are emotionally-charged cases involving claims of sexual abuse and misconduct, whether student-on-student or accusations against school staff.  Appreciating the severity of such accusations, the firm has the demonstrated ability to balance the need for both sensitivity and the frankness that the claim requires.


The firm’s practice includes management side employment defense, including claims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, whistleblower, failure to accommodate and employee misconduct.  The firm provides services from the handling of FEHA complaint investigations, reasonable accommodation meetings, development of policies and procedures, and working with administrators, risk managers and other public officials.  The firm has a great deal of experience handling matters that are of a sensitive nature in terms of privacy or political implications.


The firm’s practice includes defense of eminent domain claims, land use claims, selective enforcement claims, civil rights violation claims, and the myriad of claims that public entities face in the area of constitutional rights violation.  This often represents the unique challenge of defending a case brought by pro per litigants.  The firm has successfully obtained orders declaring individual who abuse the process vexatious litigants.


Prior to litigation, Aarvig & Associates, APC works to educate their clients to avoid potential liability.  We frequently consult with human resources professionals to avoid making a bad decision, speak at seminars and conduct personalized presentations for our clients to strengthen their knowledge of the law as it pertains to their day to day operations and assist them in avoiding litigation.  The firm offers its clients training on school safety issues, workplace harassment and discrimination as well as sessions on conducting investigation, collecting evidence, and dealing with litigation once it arises.  We also assist our clients in preparing or updating employee handbooks, releases, and other management materials to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.  By sharing our experiences with our clients, we seek to avoid their exposure to liability before it develops.


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